Modular, dynamic actors

Hello. I’m trying to set up a modular wall that creates more of itself as it gets longer. No screenshots sorry as I’m at work right now.

I started with this as an example: - YouTube

Instead of resizing a box, I wanted to create another instance of a mesh every 400 units. My math is down pat but I’m having trouble getting the mesh to spawn.

I started out with three meshes making the wall, floor and ceiling inside of an actor but I couldn’t find a way to attach it as a child to the parent actor. No matter what class type I chose, I couldn’t assign my actor blueprint to it. I switched to spawning each static mesh for a single wall section manually and then transforming them, but nothing is appearing. I’ve got my mesh spawns set up inside the construction script like in the example.

How SHOULD I be going about this? Has anyone made anything like this or are there any simple examples online? Ideally I’d like to, say, drop a tunnel actor then drag out a widget to set the lenth of the tunnel.

I’ve figured it out. If anyone’s wondering, you need an Instanced Static Mesh object in your blueprint, and then you can set the static mesh that it uses to instances. From there you just use the “AddInstance” blueprint.