Modular Desert Ruins

*Update: Just a heads-up, the ruins are currently on sale, 33% off for the first time since release. You can grab the pack here .


I’d like to share that Modular Desert Ruins pack has been released on Marketplace today:






I’ll be collecting all the feedback and I will be improving the pack over time. Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what would make this pack more fitting for your projects.
Thanks for checking out this thread :wink:

Looks really good, congrats!
I’d love to see some vegetation in there as well, some pops of faded green like some dry shrubs, etc.

Rounded corners, archs and ceilings/roofs would be nice, and premade walls which are optimized.

I really like your work here, RaaYaar. The marketplace is really lacking good desert assets! I’ll be watching :slight_smile:

Edit: Was curious about the materials you are using, are they single texture sheets for the models? Or are you using masking and material layers with unreals material system.

any chance to 4.10 version ?

Thanks :wink: Vegetation - good idea, will put it on the list!

Yes, more module variety, another thing I’m planing to do for the update.
There are 5 premade wall assets, merged and optimized.

Thanks! :slight_smile: No layered materials, I kept it as simple as possible. This way users have more freedom in how they use the assets.

I will be doing the 4.10 version too, as I received a couple of requests already… Will update the marketplace asset, but I will contact you on PM as soon as I have the basic package ready :wink:

Very nice! I love the sand.

Looking really good. Does it come with a set for mobile platforms (with LODs / HLODs) ?

I will go saying the same thing few in the other posts said: maybe adding some vegetation would make it even nicer! cactus and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Now all we need is some desert buildings and we can recreate de_dust2 in UE XD

In all seriousness, this looks fantastic, great job!

Btw check out the vehicle demo from the learn tab, it contains a couple of desert themed meshes.

Thanks, guys, I’m happy you like it!

Haven’t tried it on mobile… It does come with 2 LODs for each mesh (50% and 25%), so I guess it should work on mobile with some texture downscaling and maybe using LOD1 instead of LOD0. Will definitely try it.

Just bought it, but not 12 compatible. Anyway around it.

Hey, thanks for your purchase! I just tested the asset on 4.12 and the project opens fine. I think you probably need to open the package in 4.12 first, save it and then import it into your own 4.12 project.

If this trick doesn’t work, send me an email to and I’ll make sure we make it work.

Just a heads-up, the ruins are currently on sale, 33% off for the first time since release. You can grab the pack here .