Modular Content Advice

Hi everyone,
We are a small of 5. We have created some technology which are made up several C++ classes in the source folder and a modular set in the Contents folder. The modular sets have destructible and static meshes as well as room blueprints. Those blueprints don’t just contain pieces from the modular sets but functions from those C++ classes in the source folder.

We are now ready to move onto other stuff. I would really like to have not only this master project available for everyone but to have a core module folder available as well. With the idea of each team member being able to start new projects import these folders and have everything working.

Whats the best way to do this? I would assume that the C++ classes need to be in the Source folder?
Is there a way I can make a folder called like CoreModule which holds the modular sets + blueprints as well as the C++ classes, just drag that into a new project and it all work? Ive been looking at plugins and came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t work with what we would like to do but I may be wrong?

Any advice would be fab
Thanks :slight_smile: