Modular Concrete Construction pieces with a vertex paint shader


I am working on a modular set of building components for the marketplace. The set is meant as base for decals and specialized props with the benefits of vertex painting.

The modular set uses a vertex shader that allows you to customize and make the assets* unique to your game*.

Painting individual channels blends masked heightmap textures, for the red channel, this is great for dints, cracks etc. The green channel adds dirt to break up ant tiling with variation. The green channel also has a check box to use a paint texture, simply check the box adjust the colour and falloffs and done. Blue channel is used for damage, scuffs to the surface, more dramatic than the green channel… But then again, the shader has many blending, falloffs, hue shifts and contrast setting to make so many variations it.

Replacing the green channel with a moss texture

Paint example

At the moment I am expanding the textures, currently 15 types of base concrete textures, 15 types of variant details, cracks etc, 6 types of moss and dirt textures.

I have concrete interiors for the damage pillars that I am refining, and I am working out a rebar setup for broken concrete with splines.

Any questions/suggestions welcome