Modular Combat Components

Hello there :slight_smile:

Now that I have finished working on Sacred Swords, I wanted to start something new.
I made this little prototype during the week-end.
I used some modular systems of mine for combat & skill systems and I realized it might be something other people would like to use.
I thought about turning these systems into a Multiplayer Blueprint Plugin and I’m here to know what you think about it.

**The plugin would be a built-in multiplayer solution that you can import in any project.
The target of this plugin would be anyone from none to medium coding skills that would like to start prototyping quickly or to replace the current combat system he/she’s using in his/her project.
The plugin would cost around 20€.

“The plugin makes it easy to create lots of different skills and to add them to any entity in your game (player, enemies, weapons, destructible or even traps). Then a built-in damage system will make anything able to fight, use skill and die. Finally you’ll be able to create stats and tie them up with the skill and damage system.**”

Plugin Content
- Combat Interface & Manager
Handles all communication and actions related to combat itself : damage, heal, death, damage type, friendly fire & such. Will provide built-in solutions for ragdoll, animation or destructible based deaths.

- Skill Editor
Allows the creation of any skill for many type of games (RPG, Shooters, Moba, MMO’s) in a highly modular fashion. Example of exposed settings: the type of ability (instant cast, channeling, several stacks, recast…), the effects of the ability (buffs and debuffs, AoE or single target, cooldown, animation, FX, projectiles, on hit effect, interact with object, a mixture of several effects, trigger scope animation & zoom, run, automatic fire, semi automatic fire, beam, link, bash…). Then a SkillManager component allows any actor to carry and use skills. Also uses a modular resource cost system that can consume any type of stat exposed in the StatManager (ammo, mana, health or gold for instance).

- Skill Modifier
Allows to change any skill parameter at runtime depending on the player’s choice (what skill runes he chose, what item he bought). Can be used for anything from permanent enchantment to temporary buff or even one time change.

- Stats Manager
Generates a list of stat (health, base damage, strength, armor, fire resistance…) for any actor. Handles their minimum, current and maximum values and what bonuses (from buff & debuff or any other source) they have (flat or ratio bonuses). Modular system that allows to create new stats quickly. Stats that can be automatically used in the Skill and Damage system (to calculate how much damages a skill will deal depending on a stat for instance).

Would you be interested in purchasing such a Blueprint Plugin?
If despite being the target you’re not interested in the plugin, would you consider telling me why? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks for the time you took to read this. Looking forward your answers.
Good luck and have fun in your projects everyone :slight_smile:

PS: I’m also interested in what you think of the current plugin’s name.