Modular colonial style city released, I hope you like it

Market address…r-architecture

This scene provides independent columns, windows, walls, roofs, fences, handrails, etc., to meet most VR, FPS, RPG and other game needs,.

You can use it to create a beautiful 19-20th century colonial style style city.

2 hours to quickly build a beautiful European city

Demo video:

It provides 50 kinds of props, which can be reused in any other environment.

Texture size:

  • 4096X4096

**Collision: **Yes, automatic generation.

Number of vertices: hundreds to tens of thousands

Number of Meshes: 62

Materials and Material Instances: 20 master materials and 36 instances

Texture number: 120 (color, normals, roughness)

Supported development platform: PC / console

Note: you can create color Street buildings by changing the color of material instances.

For a few days, I only sold one. . cry

Isn’t anyone interested?

I am interested and it really does look exactly how I would need it!
However, I do not have that much time for ue4 right now, but it will be a sure buy in summer.
You have a future customer right here :slight_smile:

Thank you, every potential customer is an angel of God.