Modular City + free bridge road network creator & 24 road sign

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Shot Description :

ModularCity was created with the intention of allowing the creation of large video games spaces based on cities. The contents were inspired by the real world to allow to create buildings by inspiring you from the real world

Long Description :

Starting from 19 basic buildings, ModularCity contains modular pieces that allow you to design, houses, shopping centers, motels and most large buildings of all shapes and sizes and meshes of decorations to top it off.
Accompanied by meshes of bridges and roads to create a dense road network linking several cities. Easy to use, you can take inspiration from real buildings, and re-produce them. Most buildings can be reproduced with some specificity.
Includes Blueprints to facilitate, and speed up the creation of simple and complex road networks. With a bonus of 19 materials to create even more variations on presets already established, whether for the floor or for the walls of buildings.

Technical Details
· 1 Road blueprint with four unique materials
· 2 Bridges blueprints with two unique materials
· 1 Placement blueprint, used to place mesh along of splines point
· 283 modular pieces for create thousand and thousand of building with over size and styles control
Texture Sizes:
· 2048 * 2048
· 1024 * 1024
· 512 * 512
Collision: Yes , automatically generated & custom
Vertex Count ( Modular Pieces ):
Min : 6
Max : 1916
Vertex Count ( Presets ) :
Min : 9784
Max : 371219
LODs: three (3) on Building_A_Piece_01, Entrance_003, Pillar_012, Pillar_013, Shop_Roof, Roof_005, Roof_006, Door_004, Windows_005, Windows_006, Windows_007, Windows_008, Windows_009, Windows_010, Building_K_piece_01, Building_G_piece_01 & Building_G_piece_03
No LOD on 266 Meshes
Number of Meshes: 283
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 5 Materials and 103 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 1162
Number of Textures per size : 387
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktops
Important/Additional Notes: The presets were created as example, and have not been optimized, if you want to use them, you will need to optimize them with simplygon for example.
Contact me on for any feedback and questions.

Modular implies that the buildings have interiors … is this true or is this an exterior setup only?

If it is exterior only then the price is too high. If it’s interiors too then it’s fine, hoping that doors and windows can be opened.

Looks interesting :wink:

It is without interior (in order to gain perfomance only), after the publication of the pack, An update would be applied so that the first stages has an interior and possibility of using these parts to create an interior on the following stages.

you can always offer your prices on cgtrader

@macoll thanks

Hey @Omarito - Got a few questions -

  1. Would it be possible to show off the included blueprints in action?
  2. Is the full Unreal Engine project included with this?
  3. Do you plan on making more packs like this?

Just curious,



1 - I’ll do a tutorial on the included blueprints
2 - the pack includes an example of a city, a map to illustrate the use of included blueprints.
3 - Other Packs will also come out, On the post-apocalyptic pack I am currently working on which should be an open world, with buildings that will have mostly interiors, plus a whole variety of plants included. (This is a pack for my own game: The last hope).
I also work with other artists on the creation of packs based on large constructions of ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese, Mongolian …).
Another pack on military camps
a free pack of signs of all kinds

If and when you will add interiors and make doors and windows interactive to be opened/closed then I will buy. Until then I will just wait and see.

Use of include Blueprints ( Youtube Link ) :