Modular City building set

All texturing are placeholders for now. Give me feedback if you feel like it :slight_smile:

Building Trim

Door pieces

Window Pieces

Stairs (interior)

they stack perfectly

Easy building of modular rooms coming along, any seamless texture will work fine on them

modular interior doorway/walls now work

Is it easy to setup multiple story buildings? How detailed are the wall meshes?

Well there are 9(18 really, full wall and wall with doorway) wall pieces at this time for setting up the inner and outer parts of the rooms, once you figure out which ones are needed for a corner and what not i was able to make the building story above in about a minute, which then you can duplicate for the level above or build a whole new layout, Wall pieces are 4 tri (8 tri if you include the other side of wall) and doorways are 6 tri/12tri including the other side.

Could you possibly include stairs that have a more modern railing, something like this