Modular Charakter Design

Now the first prototype of my Game Charakter is ready. The game ready Charakter includes up to 12 Bodyparts (Boots, Belt, Helmet a.s.o.) Before iam going to make further Assets i want to ask you what do you think about it.
Iam not sure, whether there are too much Drawcalls or too complex to use.
The parts are usable with a simple Master Pose Component and Morph Target Setup. You can drag and Play without any Problem.
There are three different Materials , per Mesh, simple to use with the Substance Plugin and also Clothing Simulation is possible.
My main question is:
There are too much Drawcalls for you?
Should i make it simpler with a lower count of different Bodyparts?
Pricing: With the currently mesh-count 2-3 Dollar per part are planned.
I know, the Morphs and the Design must become much clearer and more professional. Its actually in progress and must grow with time.
Also in developing is a Modular Ship System.
Any constructive criticism is welcome.

With regards

Nice, a lot of people are interested in replacing the mannequin :smiley:

Also I like your art style, you should include some of these images in the thread.


Can you guys please team up :slight_smile:

Thank you for reply

Here are some Pics. See more on my Website.

nice art, I like it