Modular Character questions

Hey guys.

I am 3d Artist but new with Unreal.
I am trying to create Unreal charter from model have several parts. But I have 2 problems so far.

  1. When I am trying to add Additional body parts to character using Character Editor it don’t update horse on the main scene. And when I cloyhe editor and open it again it shows only horse body, no parts, even when I saved it.
  2. When I am exporting body parts into my project, I want they use same Physics asset as they use same Skeleton. Is it possible?

What I am do wrong?

Thank you!



I found how to make it using Blueprint. Thanks!

So can you share with your solution for other people?

I took a look on this video, and it helped me to understand.

I hope I made all right. But last word will be after guys who will review my asset submission.