Modular Character Component - Tutorial and Project Files

A years worth of tinkering, combined with the July 2020 permanently free Modular Character by ROCKETARTS has produced this 3.5hrs worth of tutorial - Creating a Modular Character Component in UE4.

The Modular Mesh Component:

  • is 100% BP, so can be migrated to another project.
  • Stores the current mesh data for each modular part of the character.
  • Provides Helper functions for randomization.
  • Uses weighting to reduce/remove unwanted variations
    -Stores all the variations (meshes, materials) in an ordered fashion
  • Can be added to other actors, such as item pickups.
  • Compartmentalized design means it should be easier to integrate into projects


Showcase video:

Additionally I’ve uploaded the project files on (free download)

As seems to be a common sentiment, I’ve felt I owed this community something for the free education, so this is my first step towards balancing that scale. Enjoy and stay safe:)