Modular Character Component for the July2020 Permanently free asset

Heya fellow devs. Just sharing a vid of the Modular Character Component (MCC) I put together for the new permanently free Stylized Modular Character pack.

It’s been a year of working on it on and off with different modular characters and I am happy to say I’m done coding it.

It started about a year ago downloading the Polyart Dungeon Heroes free monthly asset was the start of my journey. At that point I was still at the following tutorials part of my UE4 journey, but was increasingly “ordering off menu” with the tutorials, adding my own ideas. Modular Characters at the time didn’t seem to have many tutorials apart from the Unreal documentation, so I thought I’d try making something without following a tutorial.

The result was the ModularCharacterComponent. After that I fell into that trap of contantly trying to improve it (I think I’ve re-written it about 5 times now). I also tested it on more meshes, I grabbed the most complex one I could find, the Fantasy Modular Characters Pack by Synty Studios. At this point I was getting pretty happy with the component, but realized I needed a modular mesh it could work with that was freely accessible - enter this months permanently free modular mesh as well . Perfect timing.

So now I am recording my first tutorial which will be called something quite unoriginal like - Creating a Modular Mesh Component in UE4. I’ll also be uploading the project files for people to grab once the tutorial is done.

As someone who has spent the last year and a half learning UE4 largely from youtube tutorials, here and on reddit, I’ve felt for a long time that I owed something back. This stuff should hopefully be the beginning of that.

Thankyou again, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if it wasn’t for the UE4 community.

Polyart Heroes Modular Character:UE4 Modular Character Component WIP - 100% Blueprint - YouTube
Synty Fantasy Modular Character:Modular Mesh Component Update - YouTube
July2020 permanently free Character:
UE4 Modular Character Component for July2020 Permanently Free Asset - YouTube