Modular Building System?

Was looking at mod development, and other game development, was wondering If there was any marketplace asset that does what I’m wanting, or and video explaining on how to do . In videos that I’ve seen online they have been grab a house/ or building, whatever the asset may be, move it and it changes its meshes, so you could have complete random buildings from just dragging or changing settings in details/blueprint. I find it very useful to have something like that just in general saves lots of time, even if you have to start the system from scratch. Any information would be much appreciated thank you

Edit: On further research I’m pretty sure I’m talking about procedural building, using parameters to control building types (roofs, top floor, bottom, doors, etc)

- node

There certainly are things like this on the Market, I can’t recall what.

It basically all happens in the construction script, here’s a tuut

This is a good one ( that’s why it’s expensive )

But just type ‘procedural city building’ into the market search box…