Modular Building Set - Examples of your time with it?

Hey everybody,

Purepolygons, Jacob here :slight_smile:
I’ve been talking with Jon Jones and we were thinking it might be cool that he would do a blog post about the marketplace, some of the packs on the marketplace, and how people are using them in their games or in their free time. The Modular Building Set came up and so I was hoping some of you wouldn’t mind sharing your experiences and your uses with the pack. Jon may be featuring some of your work in the blog post as a cross promotion for both your game and my Building Set. So it would be really awesome for me to see some of the cool things you guys have done with the Set, some screenshots, some stories, your website, videos, whatever you want to share. I’d love to check it out and see what you all are up to and share your current project with the community :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and i hope you all have been enjoying the pack! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s up on the marketplace and has been receiving very positive feedback so far from the community!

Thank you everyone for the support! You’ve all been really awesome :smiley:

I love your pack, I will show some screens later when I get home but your pack is one of my favorite marketplace items.

i pretty much bought 3 out of 4 of your packs… plannign to buy the cables and hoses one later when i need it lol… I think your work is awesome and i would love more modular building sets. Still in the process of messing with your stuff along with other stuff.

Haha thanks kurylo,
Do you have any screenshots or videos of your project that you would like to share so that Jon Jones may use it in a blog post? I can’t guarantee it will be used, but he will definitely be including a few people and projects into the post :slight_smile:

This is indeed something I’m interested in highlighting! I love giving the content creators in our community the chance to show off what they’re doing, and I think it’d also be great to find out how people are using it in their own projects and showing that off. I have a lot of freedom in choosing what to promote and how, and hearing cool success stories of people developing content with Marketplace content is super interesting stuff I want to help bring to everyone’s attention. :slight_smile:

thats a really cool thing to do man props on that

I totally agree, Jon’s been super helpful and all around awesome with everything Marketplace related. When he brought up this idea I thought it would soo cool to get a chance to reach out to the community and see some of the awesome projects that I’m sure everyone out there has been working on! I’d love to see some of the unique and interesting ways people are using this building set and if it even looks anything like the original pack anymore or what crazy new ways or textures or however these things are being used out there :slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing some of your screenshots Uprentiss! And thank you for the compliments :slight_smile: Always awesome to hear from you man

Not yet, still keeping the project pretty close to the chest until we get enough done. Gameplay is going strong, and wont be much longer until I have some solid stuff to show off with the level design.

would like to post some stuff I’ve done with it, but my experience so far is a lot of waiting. It takes me about 10 full mins to load the demo map. I tried using one of your demo buildings and moving it to a BP and putting it into another map but that also takes a CRAZY amount of resources. I have other packs where my level or demo map that shipped with it is 3-4x the size of yours and takes less than half the resources. Am I doing something wrong or is there some settings I can tweak so I can at least work with these assets? Right now they aren’t usable for me at all =(

I have an i7 2.1 quadcore laptop with a nvidia 650m with 2 gigs of dedicated video mem. 12 gigs of ram and 2 SSD drives.

Any help would be, helpful because I can’t use it as is unfortunately.


EDIT: seems ok with the modular parts separate in a new level. Not sure what in your demo that kills my resources hard. Wanted to use some of the upper levels of your buildings to save some time… ah well…

EDIT: apparently “disable static lighting” was the astroglide needed to make it smooth. Messed up the lighting a bit in another scene but it was fixable.

Well if your that interested how about a content jam along the same lines as the game jam. :wink:

I’m very sorry to hear that you ran into this issue with the pack. I had no idea this was going on. You can always feel free to email me for faster response times and whenever issues like this come up. Would you mind if i ask what version of the engine you are using? I’m looking into something that sounds related to what you’re experiencing that is being caused by the light maps. It’s in 4.8 if that’s what you’re also using?

I’m very sorry again that you ran into this problem and thanks so much for your patience and support of my work! I’m glad you got it all sorted out :slight_smile:

Here’s my email for future reference

No worries! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply. Sent you an email separately with a few more details FYI.

Thanks again :slight_smile: - Its an excelent pack just need to be carefull to get the pieces lined right. The grouping function is big help. Have had much fun with it even havent used anywhere the full potential of it. Been working only 3 month on solo game project so the game enviroment is still badly WIP. But gathered the first pictures, will update better later and also prepare better videos:

Pics are also featuring asset pack content from SuperGenius - Modular Home, Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1, Post Apocalyptic World and Open World Demo (I wish it would also include the deer :)). And also from many other epic tutorial/example levels.

Edit: Forgot to mention windows from Retro Office Environment, roads from GameTextures Roads & Paths, stairs from Impromptu Procedural Stairs, fences from Spline-Enabled Fence Pack and fire from Pyro Particle Texture Pack v1. I only start to realize now how much assets I have already purchased. I am super excited and broke at the same time. :smiley:

Hi Jacob, thanks for your Modular Building Set. I really love it. I wish there were more interiors for the nice upper brick sections, but I have managed without them so far. If you want to check out the videos and screenshots with it in action, head on over to (waving the flag of self promotion here) and see them there.

It’s really cool to see this stuff! I’m checking out all of the pics and videos you guys are sharing :slight_smile:
I’m so glad you’re able to get some interesting and unique uses out of the packs for both of your projects. It’s really cool to see them being used with these other packs as well at the same time. Finding ways to integrate the assets together and make each project look unique! This is totally was I was interested in seeing thanks guys :slight_smile:

I hope if others are using this pack please feel free to share! The more the merrier. It helps others to see new ways to use the assets and piece them together too. Thanks again!