Modular Building Blueprint

make buildings with interiors, works with construction script

---------- notes ----------

  • there is no documentation written for now so you gotta just try it and play with it
  • alot of buildings will at some point require a begin play event for the blueprint, and construction script needs to be disabled.
  • corners of the meshes will be blocky with square mesh, so it would need a pillar system to fix it easily or then the wall meshes should be built to fit it.

---------- short instruction ----------

  • start by setting size of the building: rows,columns and floors
  • next add empty spots, then other stuff
  • empty spot wall types needs to be changed inside that specific empty spot array (not exterior arrays)

---------- videos ---------

---------- project files ---------

mbb2.0 - ue4.25
mbb1.0 - ue4.25

---------- updatelogs ---------

---------- playable demo ---------

playable demo:

any suggestions or bug reports are welcome

I love free stuff! But this is too good, put it on the marketplace!

@gallonmate thanks for nice words, hopefully it has been somehow usable without proper documentation :smiley: i dont know if it would meet the epic store standards, it would help definetly if im honest. maybe converting it to c++/plugin would raise the quality and performance to the next level, dunno how those things work tho.

Good Work ! keep on pls :slight_smile: