Modular assets: single sided or closed mesh?

Goal: able to design a level(streets, houses, small bridges, churches, etc) with lots of options to mix items so basicly every house/bridge/church/etc looks different. Also the ability for the player to enter each building.

I started to create some test meshes which are single sided, but I found it hard to design a level with it because you cant see the mesh from behind.

So I started wondering what the best practices are? And do full meshes have a noticeable performance overhead?

So the basic question is: Anybody have any tips on creating assets for small villages as a level?

Closed meshes are typically better, they have less issues with lightmass.

Depends on the situation–if you have a building with an interior then the walls need to have thickness, but they don’t have to have caps along the top of the wall

It depends on the use. If you’re strictly interior you don’t need to create a closed mesh. Even if you’re mixing interior with interiors, you seldom use the same mesh for both sides of the building.