Modular assets & materials -> choices!

I am working on a small FPS multiplayer. It requires small villages(think of COD map sizes). I’m trying to figure out what the best ways is to build my levels. I really like the modular assets approuch, which can speed up the creation of the levels. The biggest problem is to decide how to texture them. First I started to create assets so I can create houses(walls, walls with door, walls with window, etc) with a fixed size. Each piece was 2 meters wide and 3 meters high, so I could UV map them to make sure the seamless textures would indeed be seamless if I positioned 2 pieces in the level next to eachother. But the limitation of the fixed size started to bug me. So I looked into WorldAlignedTexture. I’m getting pretty good results, but as I am a beginner in UE4 I have no clue if this is going to get me into trouble later on. My goal is to make basic assets(walls, floors, walls with window openings(which I decorate with different window models)) which I can then use to create a wide diversity of houses/buildings.

Overall I think I have three choices:

  1. Create and texture each house/building seperatly
  2. Create fixed size modular pieces
  3. Use WorldAlignedTexture

The third option could also give me the advantage I can use some material blending to make the pieces look different(little dirt here and there) if used on larger surfaces.

I also looked into vertex painting, but it requires a lot more vertices in my models. I dont know if thats gonna hurt performance if used on many buildings(say 50)?

So, the question is: what is the best path to take? What are your experiences/learned lessons on this matter? Any tips? Or perhaps some interesting material to read?

I’ve been playing a bit more with the WorldAlignedTexture, and I’ve seen that when rotating a mesh the texture becomes stretched and when rotated 30 degrees the texture becomes really ugly because of the stretching. Is there anyway of fixing this, or is the WorldAlignedTexture only usefull when using it on a single axis?