Modular Assets - Grid Snapping

Hello everybody!

I am trying to make some modular assets however I am running into a few issues.

In theory:
If I switch my Unit Setup in 3ds Max to the metric system, create a box that has a size of 1x1x1m, place the pivot on one of the corners, move the object to the origin and export it as an FBX, I should have an object in Unreal that would naturally snap to instances of itself by simply activating grid snapping, right?
Have I done something wrong or missed something? When I do this the box does not seem to snap to itself. Even on the smallest grid settings the objects either overlap or there is a gap between them.

Follow up question:
AFAIK if you export something that is 1m in 3ds Max it will also be 1m in the Cryengine. So now that 1UU is 1m shouldn´t the sizes be the same in Max as in Unreal? The boxes seem a bit small compared to the first person example player.


Thanks in advandce!


Set metric in Units setup is not enough. You need set System Unit Setup to centimeter

If you can not gridsnap it inside ue4(without holes or overlapping), the origin is not placed right, or the dimensions are not equal, when you use “Origin to center of mass” or something similar.
I know only blender, but check size, apply transforms, select one cornervertice, move origin to that vertex.
Now you can already export, but it is not easy to handle inside UE.
If you want a good handle, then move the object with that vertexoriginlocation at 0,0,0.

Thank you very much for the fast answers! Forgot to change System Unit Setup.