Modular Assets - Big Meshes or small ones!?

Hi Boys and Girls,

for a few weeks now, i’m working on my new Project. Since i changed the original Setting from the game to a complete new one, i am making my assets now. But there is one question. Big meshes or small meshes? Most of you know and i’m sure you are working with modular assets. The modular Thing is not the Problem for me. The size is the Problem.

If i make a huge amount of small modular assets, the making of the Levels are slow and not unique in any way. If i use big meshes like the ones are used in the Shootergame from the learning source, then i can make some very unique assets. So my idea is now, to Combine that. Big or bigger meshes for the Scenes that have to look very awesome and smaller, generic modular peaces to fill the world/Level with Standard stuff. Like locker rooms, toilets, storage rooms and so on.

What do you think about that? Whats the best way? Personally i think, i should use both. If i’m completly wrong, then let me know.

Greetings and happy Holidays