Modular armor equip system - any tips how to?

I’ve been working on modular armor equip system ( where every armour element is a separate skeletal mesh )
Got some trouble trying to force my armour part ( robe - skeletal mesh ) to follow the animation of my character. Any tips how ?

Got it working by the following method:


there are some weird effects going on, meshes overlay each other in a weird manner:

The way I am doing it right now is that I rig the character mesh with mixamo, then I import the character mesh without the cloth into UE4 ( I delete it first inside 3ds max ). The next step I do is: I reimport the full setup to 3ds max ( full setup is: character mesh + cloth ) and then I delete the character mesh and leave the only cloth together with the skeleton. Finally I import the cloth + skeleton inside the UE4 and choose to use the existing character’s skeleton in the import options.

I’ve been struggling with this for almost a week now, can someone help ?
Thanks in advance

if your character use same skeletal that your armor what you need is set master pose

i hope that pictures help you.

Thanks, the info on the pictures is very limited, but i’ll do the investigation in that direction

I did some investigations and I am only partially satissfied:

Here are my observations:

I can attach the armour part using simpler method by dragging the armor part skeletal mesh inside the thirdpersoncharacter blueprint ( and then by assigning the same animation as for character ) but the armor stays attached to player instantly, but in this case animates properly.

In second case - when I want to attach the armor to the skeleton slot and activate it by clicking R button. Then I try to script “set master pose” so I need to add reference to my armor mesh thirdpersoncharacter BP ], and then I literally cannot ( I can only add reference when the armor mesh is already dragged to the components list in the left top corner )…


With this method the animation works fine

, but in case when I try to attach te armor to skeleton slot - the cloth animation looks to be not synhced with the body animation.


When I use the script like this:

I end with this: :frowning:

what i did on my project was created in my character blueprint a blank skeletal mesh, so i create a blueprint to attach the item on the mesh that i set blank.

how can you see in yellow i set the blank skeletal mesh and set master pose

that was the item that i created to attach to my character. what i do was create a variable skeletal mesh and set, you can see in green arrow

and sorry for my bad english

No hay problema por el idioma! Ahora todo funciona como quiero! Muchas gracias por la ayuda!!! :slight_smile:

Here’s how it now looks like:

And here’s the full construct:


Thank you both so much for sharing! I had no idea where to start but your dialogue taught me what to do. I now successfully put pants on my ugly clay player :slight_smile: