Modular 3d robot : more drawcalls ?

So you need to add a lot of material to apply to each component ?

Or any way to reduce draw call ?

Of how many sections do we speak? Are you will using bones?
If it’s legs, torso, and weapons about 4, but that could be far more complex.
Why not use Atlases? Why not show a picture? You need to ad the proper material. =)

So leg have its own material. And torso have its own material ?

i use bone btw

What do you asking here? If you make it modular it would have its own material instant with own textures. If you dont understand such simple things, to model, bake, rigg and animate a modular robot in 3D solution and UE4 could be a bit to heavy for you at first. Nevermind would use bones for such things to reduce drawcall a solution is to use HK solver linking and dummies exportet to bones in fbx export options.
Have a look at here thats the proper way for mechnical animation and rigging in ue4 i think.

If you use bones why not use master pose? For studiying such system there’s similar system on marketplace.

If you make a modular character where portions of the character can be switched with a different mesh then that would increase the number of draw calls.

I use socket. Not switch mesh.

i got worried about material draw calls. And thinking how to reduce it.

It is equal you use socket or somewhat theres every time the possibility to switch the mesh in runtime. =)

Atlases is an option, or packaging AO Rough Metallic in one RGB Map to reduce drawcalls. But beware Atlase is native static/prebaked in UE4 and switching mesh produces more drawcall’s.

Also theres a Thirdparty solution Granite from Graphine, take a look. ->

I hope every new UE4.xx release for the merging and instancing of skeletal mesh feature this could be a wizard for drawcall reduction.

Heres a short explanation of packaging textures in one RGB map.

[quote=“theevil128, post:9, topic:106991”]

Heres a short explanation of packaging textures in one RGB map.[/QUOTE]

about that. I already know.

Thats conversation at its best.

what i have in mind that every component have its own material.

i want to find a way to fix it. however i seem want to experiment on that.

that’s all.