Modo Unreal Bridge plug-in rotation issue

Hey guys,

Anybody has experienced such an issue with Modo 11 Unreal bridge plugin?

When I export mesh from Modo to Unreal engine using Bridge plug-in, I am getting mesh imported -90 degrees, i.e if it is a wall, it will be exported like lying wall, not standing.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Wozner,

This is a known issue.
“Reset Mesh Asset” option has been introduced in the latest Unreal bridge version in Modo 11.2.
It fixes the -90 degree rotation in the asset editor while preserving the rotation in the level.


It seems to be a known problem (according to the developer from the foundry).
Is the mesh only wrongly oriented in the mesh editor from UE? (The level instance should be rotated cortrectly)

I tried it out yesterday, the mesh is sent over ok into the scene, but in the content browser it is rotated. So another time later on, when you drag the mesh from the content browser, you are placing a rotated mesh into the scene.