Modo Scaling Units

Hi, im new to The Foundry Modo and i need help with the scaling unit, does someone know how modo units work with ue4 and if their is a export selection settings.


Just work in whatever unit you want, I use English>Feet since i’m in the USA, it should export correctly(to the proper scale) via FBX 2013 to Unreal. You can find the unit setting in Preference>Input>Units>Distance Units. I hope that helps!

If you want to use Game Units, set the “Meters per Game Unit” to .01

and if i use the English unit system i should let the inch unit cutoff to 36 ?

I leave it at 36, it is a personal preference though. More info about it:

Inch Scale Cutoff: When the English unit system is selected, the Inch Scale Cutoff determines the cutoff where Modo displays inches as feet and inches. For example, when set to the default 36, 27 inches display as 27", but 42 inches display as 3’ 6"