Modo Indie to UE4?

Hey -

I just wanted to know if anyone can point me to a good resource which would describe how to export from modo indie, and then use my meshes in UE4?

All help appreciated!

I don’t know anything about animation side on modo but this explains some of getting animations and rigs to unreal: Barry Zundel's "MODO for UE4: rigging and animation" on Vimeo

For static meshes, you can just export to fbx and import it to unreal. If you place your fbx in monitored project folder (folders can be set on your project settings), unreal will prompt you to auto-import (and auto-update) every time you save there. Material groups get transferred automatically (so unreal can create new materials just how you’ve assigned them inside Modo). If you need to transfer textures as well, it may be more tricky but it’s possible as well (I don’t currently do any texturing inside Modo).

What you probably want to do with UE4 and Modo is to go to your System->Preferences and from there make sure you have FBX set to 2013 and to save everything but cameras and lights. That way you don’t have to manually delete all the lights from your scene on Modo if you use those for preview rendering there. You don’t need to use “Save as text format” and “Save only animation” in normal situations.

Another setting on Prerefences that will help is to set your Input->Units to use Metric unit system and set default units to centimeters, just like in they are in Unreal. Also make sure your Coordinate System on that same dialog is set to use Y as up axis. If you set Z, your models will import rotated on their sides.