MODO gets Fabric. Is rigging now easier than in Maya LT?

Fabric/Canvas is being brought to MODO (and at the bottom of the page I’ve linked to, you can read about how it is being hooked into Unreal Engine).

Does this mean that rigging will be made easier in MODO? I noticed that Autodesk recently started making noises about Python possibly being brought into Maya LT, and wondered if this is linked.

Apologies if I’ve completely misread this. Please tell me, if so. :slight_smile:

Fabric Engine, from my point of view, is the next step of what is ICE in Softimage, means visual programming, which allows non-coder to create whatever they want with a couple of nodes, or create new ones…

UE4 with Blueprints actually follow the same path and I was really happy once I found out that the guys at Fabric are going also towards game engine.

Once you get used to it I guess that you can say thats easier, but the most important thing is the freedom that you have with it :wink:

I really hope Fabric will grow faster and better, because its freaking amazing what they did :slight_smile: