Modo 901!

What do you guys think of the new 901? Even though i’m not a programmer the new python stuff is interesting, I’d like play around with coding some tools with it. Full support for MikkT tangent space , so your baked normals are perfectly synch with UE4!

Ahhh !! Its out now ??! :smiley:
Currently I play around with the 801 30days trial to get warm with the Ui. :slight_smile:
I would use the 901 for mainly one reason: MeshFusion.:wink:
Is it really contained “for free” in the 901 version?
If so: Awesome awesome awesome :cool:

How is modo’s modeling compared to max/maya? Better?
And meshfusion…It’s similar results to booleans? Or dynamesh combining+auto retopo in zbrush?
Isnt stuff like that not producing good enough final results as hand modeling would?

Yes, but better. You can organize the basic mesh components in a tree like structure.
It also achieves way better results in terms of tesselation than Max, Maya and Co.

And (as opposed to DynaMeshes), you can poly edit after the boolean operation, which is nondestructive

Im also looking into Mari (with with it integrates wonderfully)

Beast! So you’re saying its possible to make a finalized game ready model with proper topology and no artifacts with mesh fusion? Or is it more for prototyping?

Yepp. Thats the beauty of it :slight_smile:
And even if you dont use Mari, the unwrapping/texturing tools are way better than Max, Maya and Co.

PS: When speaking on a presentation of Rage and idTech5, John Carmack mentioned as a side note that many assets for Rage were done with Mode.

@KVolgler: Yup ,MeshFusion is now part of 901 and will get updated in future version of Modo! 901 will ship on 5/27/15 :slight_smile:
@CyberDev: I know of one artist at Epic Games that use Mesh Fusion but im not sure of his workflow. I’d imagine he would make the high res model with Mesh Fusion and create a low res low with the retopology tools in Modo,which are pretty good. The new Mesh Fusion can generate a pretty low poly count mesh but I won’t call them game ready. However you could use those as a starting point for a low res mesh, by deleting unwanted edges and optimizing the mesh you could get really nice low poly mesh.

I’ll give this workflow a try once 901 is release! The UV tools in Modo are awesome! though the UV unpacking still needs some work, when compare to this app:

Is (or, will) there be a MODO version of the Maya ART plugin? I would pull the trigger on buying it if the answer was yes.

Hm, maybe I’m getting older, but I’m more excited about this little things with improved old tools and optimized PBR viewport!
I already developed my workflow and it’s solid, so it’s nice to hear that things will be even better!
And to be honest, there is too much cool new stuff, so I’m too lazy to write about everything :smiley:
It’s funny how they created dunes in RIGGING video with new curves - it was such a pain to create them in WorldMachine!

Check out my old answer to this question

@Jezcentral, with 901 supporting a new python implementation and Qt, its quite possible for Epic Games to port the ART plugin to Modo. ACS is really good replacement for ART, though it only support biped for now: There’s even a UE4 shader for Modo 801:

@zeOrb, not old at all, many people in the modo community share the same view!

If you own modo there is a video of the new Mesh Fusion mesh output in the Direct Connect section, it compare the old to the new output, huge improvement in density and quality.