Modo 901 Indie on sale 40% off the perpetual license until January 4th

Hey everyone,

Modo 901 Indie is on sale for 40% off (roughly 180 USD) for the Steam Holiday Sale.

Here is a link.

The foundry will also be doing some webinars come the new year.

So Give this twitch channel a follow.

They have already done one webinar with Tor Frick.

Just thought I would give you a heads up.

  • HeadClot

well, I have a 6 months indie license… it has been like a month or two xD… I can get something back? xD… a tut? xD hehehe, I will say to a friend of the nice news :slight_smile:

Need to ask, I dont know mari and I already own substance painter indie… will be worth buy mari indie (you cant share yur original files there AFAIK, I guess only the output images).