MODO 10 with better support for Unreal Engine

For everyone that uses MODO for game dev,
great news:

With better support for gamedev and Unreal Engine.

" Among the highlights, artists can author in MODO and be confident that their assets will look virtually the same in Unity or Unreal Engine; get realistic detail into their real-time assets more easily through a streamlined, repeatable texture baking workflow; and enjoy new ways to export to popular engines featuring simple, automated steps that minimize the need to recreate work, saving time and reducing the potential for errors."

That’s good, we need a reasonably priced software for game development that works well

This is very good news; Anything not owned by Autodesk and not as bad as blender (for me Blender is horrible) is very interesting contender.

Great news, i can’t wait the v10.0 and the great workflow sweeties for UE! :slight_smile:

I’ve upgrade to Modo 10. The new Advance Viewport is awesome.


i am migrating away for max and looking into all of the alternatives.
i know there are many threads at this point but can anyone maybe point out the pros and cons to switching to modo at this point?
specifically looking for the modelling and texturing aspects.

also how does this “better integration” actually work? do all of the material settings remain when going from modo to ue?

Is modo really worth investing time? I know it’s good at modeling. How about rigging and animation? How fast they fix bugs? I heard a lot of people complaining about modo for being unstable.

I think modo is the best package out there but I’ve heard that it’s lacking a bit in animation (might have changed in latter versions though). I’ve done our rigging in other softwares this far so I can’t say but other than that I think it’s absolutely amazing and have significantly speeded up my workflow. It’s not very unstable either, it crashes every once in a while but not often. It did take a while for me to get settings and hotkeys like I want them though but after that it’s a breeze to use.

Modo 10.0 has been stable for me so far, no crashes yet. There is a free trial version so take it for a test drive. The next release of the 10 series, Modo 10.1 will have some nice stuff(if you do modeling you’ll like it!), If you come from Max you’ll probably like it. This surprise was shown off in the Direct Connect subforum(for people who own a license(commercial or student)). They mention a rough timeline for the next couple of release.

Animation in Modo is still a a bit sluggish compare to the competition, in the area of deformation playback and even weight painting is slower then the competition. They are aware of this and will address this with a animation series in the future. Rigging in Modo is pretty solid though. Definitely setup your prefer hotkeys, I mostly use custom context menu to speed up my modeling, there’s also PIE menus if you prefer that.

Modo has gotten progressively more stable recently, because they have greatly improve their QA(they added more people, better QC checks/testing,etc). If you’re coming from Max, I’d definitely recommend Modo. Texturing painting is too basic in Modo, it doesn’t have the level of UX that something like Substance Painter has, for texturing I use Substance Painter/Designer. Modeling has always been Modo’s strong point.

@KillingWord(the UE4 plugin does not support 4.11 yet,but it should work with 4.10.4):

More videos here:

Thank you guys. I’ll give it a whirl.

thank you guys for that breakdown. the integration looks very, very nice.

max 2017 recently leaked and the atmosphere surrounding it is more than toxic. it makes me sad to think about it after all these years.

i also got mari on a whim while back. anyone know how is the texturing integration and workflow between the two foundry apps?

I just installed Modo 10 trial, and after an hour, I can say it initially looks really simple and good. Especially the game tools, that export models specifically for game development.

It looks nice. I just don’t have $1900.

@KillingWord, can’t comment on Mari/Modo integration - I don’t use Mari at all(too expensive). I feel everyone pain regarding the new release of Max…
@KinDaKreator, I really like the new Triangulate upon Export FBX option, it’s so useful!

LcSweeper, you don’t need 1,900. You can buy a use license for cheap(700 USD) then upgrade at best you’ll need 1,200. Or just wait for modo 10 indie,which is due out in 1-2 months from now. Money can be an issue but time spent learning new software is a much bigger investment, that’s why it’s painful to switch to a new app.

You can buy used license here:

Actually it’s coming sooner - ~2 weeks. Here quote from Bladeevolence

cheers guys, that settles it. jumping on that indie train as soon as it ships.
if anyone is feeling chatty, i wonder if modo has any procedural maps like cellular or fractal…

@KillingWord, its got lots of procedural textures . There are limitations to the Indie version make sure you check before buying. Often times I need custom procedural, that’s where Substance Designer comes in handy.
@zeOrb, that’s even better!

Also the Modo UE4 plugin just got update to 4.11 : GitHub - TheFoundry-Modo/UnrealPlugin: Modo 10's Unreal editor plugin (for loading PBR materials / textures)

If are having trouble trying to request a trial, you’re not alone:

Here’s a more accurate answer for Modo indie release date:

"promise is such a strong word. please don’t use that…

we are targeting for later this month, next month at the latest (hopefully), but I think it will be soon (hopefully).

crazy things happen everyday behind the walls here that may prevent us from meeting those hopeful goals.

just being honest and as open as I possibly can, and not promising anything. "

This is my Shane Griffith

thanks sonkim,

that procedural list looks very good indeed.
i remember seeing modos vector displacement. i have to wonder if that if that could possibly translate to UE aswell. suppose that is too optimistic tho.

You can actually do vector displacement sculpting in Modo. I haven’t tried Modo vector displacement to UE4 yet, maybe in the near future. UE4 displacement in general aren’t very performant , until they implement true adaptive tessellation ala Cryengine, tessellation base on distance. BTW guys there’s someone selling modo 10 license for 800 euro(minus the 100 USD transfer fee):

vector displacement sculpting: