Modlular skeletal mesh and movement component Bug.

Yep, a bug. yet again with lighting.

for some Ununderstood reason the modular character’s mesh parts seem to change ALL settings when the Crouch and Jump functions are performed.

I need to test this more throughly, for right now the only possible difference I see is the functions running on the states that give issues.

No issue at all while walking/running/idling. As soon as you crouch the hair lights up like a light bulb again…
it seems like the tangent space is not being solved or something.

Oh, and culling distance is also affected.
if you pop the camera out and pass close onto the parts they toggle off… so the tangent space isn’t it. The parts have or acquire different settings…

I should retitle this to “unexplained unreal encounters of the 4th kind”.

So it doesn’t have anything to do al all with the character state or the movement component.

Some animations - for unknown reasons - make the meshes change their settings.

All of my walk cycle animations seem to be unaffected.
most of my jump sequence - except the loop ofc, the most noticeable one - is unaffected.

I have no idea how to reproduce this, or what causes the issue. Making a bug report impossible…

Ok, I wouldn’t call this resolved by ANY means, but it is possible to get around MOST light artifacts and issues by using the “Use Attach Parent Bound” on most components.
In my case on every part of the body, including the empty mesh used as a base.
You can see shadows render differently as you tweak values in the blueprint viewpoint, which is rather interesting.

Though I can solve the issue, I really couldn’t say why one animation vs another causes the behaviour…