Modifying weapons to damage metal?

I made a child of the metal pick so I could wipe out abandoned structures on my server and need some help perfecting it.

How do I get it to damage metal structures. And, is it possible to modify so it doesn’t hurt dinos or players?

I’m also interested in making a dino damage metal for the same reason. Can someone point me to the correct BPs to do these?

Each structure has in the blueprint a setting called: Structure Settings Class
This points to somethign like, Structure Settings Class -> StructureSettings_BrokenByStone, or something like that.

So if you want your metal structures to take dammage by stone pick etc. you need to make your own StructureSettings_BrokenByWHATEVER
for each of the building you want to modify.*

I have been playing around with this myself.
I could only get the structures to accept dammage types like. Mele, and Instant. it totaly ignors Projctiles. “arrows and such”
If you get your structure to accept dammage done by projectiles. let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’ll poke around once I figure out how to get epic launcher to actually update to the latest dev kit.

Another way to do it is make a Pike of Admin Wrath… make it do 5000 damage… and tick the “World Damage” checkbox. It will destroy everything with impunity… regardless of structure classes (just don’t let players get a hold of one!)

You can also just make your pick do explosive damage (what metal buildings allow as damage), just make sure you have the radius turned way down so it’s not killing you too.

You could probably modify the stone pick so that it does explosive type damage. While you are at it, you could probably also modify it so that it does more damage so that you can take the structures down much faster.

isnt it in the building itself it says damaged by whatever? the setting is StructureSettings_BrokenByWhatever i believe

Yeah gankey69.