Modifying two bones at the same time?


I’m trying to use an animation blueprint to set the rotation of two bones individually on a skeletal mesh. Hopefully you can see what I’m trying to do from this screenshot of the block out mesh here:


Essentially I want the “neck” bone to rotate up to 35 degrees (for example) and the head bone to only rotate up to 15 degrees. Rotating the bones works as expected individually but I can’t seem to successfully combine them. Here’s my blueprint.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Anyone got any ideas on this? Even just something I can search? I’m quite new to animation so I feel like there is probably just a simple misunderstanding at some point along the chain. Please shout if I’ve not made the problem clear.


in the “Transform (Modify) Bone” blueprint nodes: what are your settings for bone space? there are several options (from my head): world space, component space, local space, bone space.
one other thing is that you may not need to blend your bones at all. just set them both.