Modifying the AnimNode_SequencePlayer? Rebuilding the Engine?

Hello, I’m trying to modify the AnimNode. I want to add an option to reset the animation when it plays, since I’m getting a ton of problems with it currently.
(Switching back and fourth between animations quickly doesn’t reset them, and they just continue from where they were)

I’ve added this so far to AnimNode_SequencePlayer.h

However when I rebuild the engine I’m not seeing ‘Reset On Start’ show up on the nodes above. None of my changes seem to be going through.

I tried rebuilding the engine by right clicking the solution in VS2015 and clicking Rebuild, but i’m not seeing my changes. What am I doing wrong?

Also, does anyone know how to officially add a reset option to nodes? Has it been done before?


Edit: I dont even need to make my own node. Even making it so Non-looped animations will restart would be perfect. I just can’t figure out why rebuilding the engine won’t reflect any engine changes.

I think the method of rebuilding the engine that you described won’t work. You have to follow the instructions here:

(under “Getting up and Running”)

Thanks but the link you provided does not work.

Also, I’ve tried using this method:

But I get this error when I select generate new instance:


Any info on rebuilding the engine would be appreciated. :slight_smile: