Modifying structure inventory

I want to modify a structure’s inventory (allow the use of new items in it and add engrams for instance)

I tried using the PrimalinventoryBP classes but it doesn’t seem that they are used.
I had no choice but to remap the structure, but now it refuse to build (also i am not sure this will remap existing structures)

I’m having this issue as well. I followed a pretty simple tutorial for adding in a new Dinosaur by remapping the DinoSpawnEntriesGrassland in PrimalGameData_BP_<modname> but I haven’t found a similar solution for items and engrams.

Are you sure your custom item is using your custom inventory component? On your custom item (dark blue highlight on icon) click the components tab in the upper right. Is your custom inventory listed or the default?

I am having issues with this as well. Problem I am getting when I go to place in dev kit to test it crashes. All i did was copy the default anvil files rename them and re link them to new ones but once i go under components and delete old ref {PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench} and add component (PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBenchRE) it breaks that is what is causing the crash. Is their another way to link them. It works with default inventory just cant make a new one.

So was able to work it out. What I had to do was not copy the PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench but instand I recopied the StorageBox_AnvilBench then renamed it to StorageBox_AnvilBenchTest went under the componment tab duped and renamed the inventory BP Reference. Deleted old complied and saved it worked. However now to edit the inventory i have to go under componment details to make edits. as I donot have the PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench to edit in folders. But it works now I need to firgure out how to change quaity of a engram item. Hope that helps you Pejman.