Modifying source code help needed

I need to make a bunch of changes to the gravity settings in the source code. I haven’t changed the engine before and I’m starting from the latest source code release. So for the workflow I have a few questions:

  1. when modifying .ini, .cpp or .h files can I change the files in a text editor or should I try to do all editing within visual studio?

  2. after making the changes do I have to load the project from the ue4.sln in the source code folder and build it after every change?

  3. if I have to frequently build should I right click on ue4 in the solution explorer and hit build or should I hit build solution from the build drop down menu in visual studio?

  4. does changing the source code effect my project folders or do I need to do anything to the projects after every source code change?

  5. how do I use the Unreal Store to inject assets? My source code folder only has ue4.sln and I can launch/create projects but there is no more main Unreal hub.

thanks for any help, regards,

Mike :cool:

Hey Mike! Did you ever find this out? :smiley: I’m hoping to modify the gravity for my game aswell, and was wondering if I had to modify the source-code to do it (And if modifying the source-code would do the trick).

hi, I don’t believe you have to modify the source code to adjust the gravity,

if you use this link :…ent/index.html

then press clt + f, and search for gravity, it will high light about 7 options that will allow you to adjust the characters gravity, I think this might do everything your looking for?

search for “mass” will yield about 3 options that might also help.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

John 3 : 16, google it, its cool.