Modifying second UV channel of a static mesh programmatically


I’ve spent the whole day looking at the forums but couldn’t find anything (yes, I looked into procedural mesh topic). I’m trying to modify the second (or third doesn’t matter) UV channel with C++.

Basically turn this

Z7T6HiA.jpg into this 2ylrdnE.jpg

Just need to change the UVs, mesh stays the same. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Unreal has an auto unwrap for Lightmaps, if your mesh has only one UV. Have looked in that code?

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t very clear. I’m trying to do this in runtime. I’m basically trying to assign new UV coordinates to vertices in runtime for an arbitrary UV map slot.

Hey SolidAngle,
I think C++ programming section has more people who could answer your question so I’ll move your thread there :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I think you are right :slight_smile: Fingers crossed.