Modifying keys for objects in Sequence that uses Override Instance Data

Hello there!

I am assembling my cinematic scenes in Sequencer on empty level. It’s the simplest and the fastest way for me to get staging for characters and camera shots established with basic editing. All objects are keyed in relation to zero point of this level.

Next, I take this Sequence, drop it on the map with environment, place it in the exact point where I want it to take place, then use Override Instance Data and select this Sequence as Transform Origin Actor.

I notice that the some random object on this map obstructs my camera view, so I want to modify slightly placement of this camera. But when I start to modify the transformation of this camera, it takes coordinates information from the map it’s placed on, but in relation to my transform origin - so instead of circling around 0,0,0 close to my origin, it goes around 6000,1000,0 (but it’s not relative to zero of the map, but zero of the origin).

Any idea, how could I go withj it?
I’d love to avoid bouncing back between my empty level and the final map just to modify the camera position.

Thanks in advance for any help!