Modifying engine source directly?

I would like this changed this in LevelTick.cpp


// Clamp time between 2000 fps and 2.5 fps.
DeltaSeconds = FMath::Clamp(DeltaSeconds,0.0005f,0.40f);


// Clamp time between 2000 fps and 30 fps.
DeltaSeconds = FMath::Clamp(DeltaSeconds,0.0005f,1/30.0f);

Do I just change it just like that or should it be done by inheriting and overriding stuff?

I have a feeling that specific change would cause all manner of funkiness…

Out of interest, how come?

Because this idea breaks down if the character turns more than 179 degrees between ticks…

I want my game to run at 60 fps, but still not break if it goes down to 30, but below 30, nah, i want slowmo then

To me, realtime game is 30 fps or better!

Want to see real funkiness?
Try this:


To me 1/2.5f is almost the same thing