Modifying Dino Controls

I’m trying to make it so that a flyer can pitch and yaw with the same inputs as moving forward/backward and left/right, however if I use any events or tests besides ‘Get Input Key Down’ and a branch, I can’t find a way to receive movement inputs. I am currently overriding the actual ‘Movement Input’ directly so I can control the flyer’s speed, but the Key Events, Input Actions, or any other event do not return any values. Is there a function I have overlooked, or even an alternate method I could use to set up my new controls?

On the topic, is there another way to orient a flyer besides just adding a local rotation, such as changing its desired rotation? This method works just fine for me, but it seems inefficient, and may be contributing to other server-client issues I’ve been having.

EDIT: I have figured out how to control the dino and rotate it effectively, I just need help on changing its aim now, as the aim is locked towards the direction it is facing when the player initially gets on. The dino rotates just fine, but its head is stuck looking that direction.