Modifying Dino Base Stats

I’m trying to modify the base stats of the Giganotasaurus for a dedicated server I run. We want to do some customizations such as tweaking the tamed stats, and removing the ability to damage stone. I believe I have modified all of the properties that I need to change. I have changed all of the damage types from DmgType_Melee_DmgStone to DmgType_Melee_Dino_Carnivore_Large and have gone to Components -> and modified the values in DinoCharacterStatus_BP_Gigant_C1 to my liking. I have set RemapNPCs in my PrimalGameData to remap Gigant_Character_BP to Gigant_Character_BP_FCG. However, if I spawn a Gigant in game and tame it, the chages that I have made do not seem to have any effect. One of the changes I made for example was to change TamingMaxStatAdditions.Health from -225000 to -295000. When I tame one, they still have 75,000 +/- health when they should have around 5,000. What do I need to do differently with my mod or testing procedures?