Modifying Default Character/Creating Animal Player

I don’t have Unreal yet, but I plan to get it as soon as I get my new PC together: I had to stay within a budget but hopefully that will be good enough (if not, please tell me!!!).

Anyway… I wanted to know if I could take the character that Unreal gives you and possibly find a way to tweak it. I’d like to add wings, take away belly buttons and nipples and add an extra set of pectoral muscles, just to name a few things. I’ve seen a lot of youtube videos, but none of them had the information I’m looking for available. Also I’d like to know if it’s possible to get the blueprints (or something) for a wolf or other animal and make that a playable character instead of a humanoid. The more information the better, and breaking it down to the very basic level of terminology and extraneous detail will help a lot. I’ve never used an engine before, but have had a few years of video editing.

I appreciate all of the help I can get! Thanks!