Modifying bThrottleCPUWhenNotForeground in the editor, using config files, console, or code

Hi folks,

This has to do more with programming in the editor than gameplay, so feel free to punt me toward a different forum that would be more appropriate.

I am still trying to get a handle on how some editor preferences translate to config files and/or console commands. For instance, if change the “use less CPU when in the background” setting through the UI, I get a change in my local “EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini” file:


Now, suppose I want to deploy my editor such that this variable is set to false by default. How can I best do that? I tried adding this assignment to some other config files (say, DefaultEditor.ini), but it doesn’t seem to effect the editor preferences (either the UI dialog, or the actual behaviour of the editor).

I would also be happy to do this in code, either with C++ directly (say, by hooking into events like AActor::BeginPlay() ), or via some console command that is executed by UWorld::Exec(…).

Any hints as to how to achieve what I want?