Modifying BP Asset variables through BP Editor Scripting / Utility Widget

Hey Devs,
I’m working on a visualizer project, and I’m stuck on something that I’m hoping someone can help with!

The product I’m working on has multiple sets of ‘base models’, with little custom ‘addons’ that a customer can choose to add to it. The overall goal is to be able to import each configuration from a CSV file, so that images can be rendered and exported automatically in real time VS assembling everything by hand and waiting for ray-trace renders.

So far, through scripting, I’ve been able to:

  • Import a CSV with all relevant info into a struct (Which “base model” is needed, what “addons” are needed, where to find the addon FBX files, material colors, etc)
  • Create a child BP of my “base model” (this BP has a variable of the above struct inside of it)
  • Import all “addon” fbx meshes

Where I’m stuck now is :

  • Adding the “addon” meshes to my new “base model” actor blueprint.I can do it in the world instance through an event in my “base model” event graph, but of course, this doesn’t change the asset itself, so the next time I want to use it it’s back to it’s default, "addon"less state.
  • Changing the default values of the struct variable inside my “base model” blueprint to what was imported for that specific “base model/add on” configuration from the CSV.

TLDR- Can I add static mesh components and edit struct values through BP Editor Scripting / Utility Widgets? If so, how?

Thank you so much if you can help!!