Modifying an open source mod. (setting up the editor)

I am a beginner. I have the ARK Editor installed. (for what it’s worth I do have some experience with VB and C#.)

I have downloaded the StructuresPlus (Open Source) and I have extracted the zip file to the mods folder of the editor. I’m trying to understand how I would modify an open source mod and keep it legit.
I want to explore the files, code, etc. and see what makes it tick and how it’s all linked together. Ultimately maybe creating some new masterpiece (Lol) out of it.
In order to do this should I change the name of the root folder in the editors mod folder first or are all files in mod referencing the original folder name?

If you know of an existing answer to already on the web please share.


HI Slyck, I would not change the mod folder name because then all files in it would be opened to change the reference and probably crash the dev kit. Frist thinnk you should do is click on window at the top left of the dev kit and check world settings then click on the S+ folder look for the PrimalGameData highlitght it and go to the world settings tab on the right side look for PrimalGameData override and then click the arrow that faces to the left that will put in the Highlighted PrimalGameData from the S+ mod folder. Let it load and after that you can open any file.
Hope this helps.