Modify tutorial with explosion on DestroyActor


I am a complete beginner, and as such I’m looking at some really basic tutorials like [this one][1]

At the end of it I thought “lets try and add an explosion effect when the third person character dies”

I looked into some function names and found that I have to use “Spawn Emitter at Location”
Fine! Turns out I need a Location as well , tried to drag it from the “As third Person Character” and found a nice “GetActorLocation”.

Sweet and Simple, I’m understanding it !

WRONG, it doesn’t work.

I even tried to add an “IsValid” node to check if the emitter is spawned, and it seems it is NOT.

I tried various fancy and creative ways to connect things…very beginner-like, but apparently I’m missing something.
Couldn’t even find the same question anywhere, as the posts I saw were too difficult for my level.

I hope someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction. Thanks