Modify the camera picture

We want to generate a holographic camera output.
The process should be that we get the camera picture, we modify it and then we give it back to the Unreal engine for presentation.
Are there any function within Unreal available to do that ?
Is there a function to get the camera picture/texture?
Is there a function to update the camera picture/texture?
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey im not sure you search exactly this, but in unreal engine (and most of engine) final step before render frame will finished is the Post Process…

In post process you can do everything with the final picture and render will show that result :slight_smile:

If you want to do this with other camera, i mean like you want modify security camera picture with some holo effect and you want to show that on some ingame TV / Monitor screen you can do that actually with RenderTarget ( Render Targets | Unreal Engine Documentation ) and with PostProcess material.

Any camera actor in world can have their unique post process material, so basically you can render an effected picture from that camera separately from your main camera and you can render to render target and use this render target in other material to show :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the answer.
The render graph technology looks very interesting. Something similar is used in DirectX with GraphEdit.
But is it possible to write your own components (for example as a plugin) and insert it into the Rendering graph?
That is what we need. We would want to add something new to the Unreal rendering engine. Rolf-Dieter.