Modify skeletal mesh bones (beginner)

Hello. I’m a beginner in Unreal so please bare with me. I’m trying to start a project from scratch and so far I created an character bleprint (First Person camera with just hands as a mesh) that has a Capsule Component with a Mesh and a camera as 2 childred. So the Mesh has a skeletal mesh and an animation set up. So everytime I run the running animation triggers and when I stop the Idle animation triggers. So far so good.
The problem is that when I look down I want the mesh to rotate as well (so the hands wont remain at head level). So I set up the rotation of the mesh to match the rotation of the camera (Pitch). It works but the problem is that the pivot point of my skeletal mesh is always at the bottom. So the rotation of the hands is not in the center of the hands … its at the bottom of the skeletal mesh (where the feet used to be). Is there any way to change the pivot point? (I tried in Maya to move the mesh in the center of the scene or move the pivot manually but still doesnt work).

The second issue that I have is that I dont know how to modify the bones of the skeletal mesh in C++ code. Is there any snippet out there that will help me modify the transform of a specific bone ? I want to work with animation as well for example to add a certain ammount of translation to whats already happening with the bones in animation mode. All I oculd find online is Poseable mesh but I dont understant what a poseable mesh as it does not allow me to put any animation in.

Thank you.

There is Transform(Modify) Bone node in animation blueprint. You can modify bone transform before final pose animation.

Simple solution is Attach FPP arms mesh to camera. See linked shootertutorial. It is TPP but get hints.


Add FPP arms and TPP mesh to your Character…our-character/