Modify several SoundCue's

I have hundreds of Soundcue’s for the characters voices, and I want to modify values in the attenuation node in a lot of Soundcues, not all.

There are any way to modify all at the same time instead modify one by one?

  1. Select all the sound cues with the attentuation node in content browser
  2. right click on one of the sound cues
  3. select sound cue properties
  4. find the attenuation property and edit as required

Puff… thanks, it worked (and sorry for the newie question ).

Glad you asked, and thanks for the answer Yummy. It’s like a map situation, select all of the items needing modification and open one properties to edit them all - it logically follows that would be possible in the browser - after Yummy kindly explained it to us :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know about selecting all actors in a map, but for any unknow reason I thought that the sound cues did not have that option…