Modify Plugin C++ Source Code

Hi guys.
I am trying hard to edit a default Unreal Engine plugin source code, in this case is the PhysXVehicle plugin.

This is what i am doing:

  1. Creating a new blank C++ project
  2. Creating a new C++ class… the Visual Studio opens and i get access to the source code of all the plugins, with references to the engine source code
  3. Succesfully rebuid the project.
  4. When i make any changes to the plugin source code and rebuild, it always succesful compile again, even when i change something that should break the build.

I assume that is never considering my changes in the rebuild…

Any tips on working with plugins source code will be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

You need to download engine from github and build it yourself from source.
If you do this, make sure you “rebuild” the engine after changes, clicking the default “build” may not work