Modify player base stats (weight, health, damage, etc)

Hello there,

I was wondering where I could find the stats for players and modify how they start.

When players spawn in (or even those who have already been on the server),
I would like to make it so that I can modify a ‘default’ stat such as their weight carry capacity, and add to it something like 20 or 30 points.

Can it be done so that it’d be a variable which adds to the default number, and also reads how many levels the player has added points into that stat.
That way it’d give them default + my variable + their added points, and everyone would benefit from this change.

Thanks in advance.


You can find these values in PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/PlayerCharacterStatusComponent_BP

Is it even possible to mod those blueprints now?

Yes, what you’d want to do is duplicate the PlayerPawns blueprints (and reparent Male/Female PlayerPawns to your new base PlayerPawn). Then in your new base PlayerPawn blueprint, modify the Character Status Component values as you see fit! And in your mod’s PrimalGameData, set the male and female character blueprints to your new male/female character blueprints :slight_smile:

May be a stupid question but I dont understand how to edit the files in the playerpawns, Heres what I did duplicate:

  1. Duplicate PlayerCharacterComponent status, PlayerPawn_test, Playerpawn_male, Playerpawn_female
  2. Edit playercomponent, removed the component playerpawn_test, and added the new one, Replaced them in the primalgamedate and testgamemode

sadly this didnt work, is their something missing?

Nvm I got it for got to reparent

Where exactly do we override the character status component in the new base playerpawn blueprint?

There should be an array that uses the vanilla character status component inside of the playerpawn blueprint. Just replace the vanilla one with your new one :smiley:

  • Sinari

Yes, but…under what category is it in? For instance, searching for ‘health’ within the playerpawn blueprint doesn’t give me any value to modify. ‘Status’ doesn’t give me any character status component to override.
Edit: nevermind, stats can be modified within the Components section under PlayerCharacterStatus.

The problem with this method is that it overrides core data. So the mod has to be loaded in first priority or it won’t work. If the mod is deactivated or disabled, the player’s character will also disappear. Then you will hear a lot of grief from players on the server. It is a very dangerous way of modding.