Modify Landscape Brush Behavior

I am a beginner with c++ but have been studying with Ben’s udemy course. I have a lot of experience with blueprints so I understand the logic within c++ and the syntax for the most part. I feel pretty confident with UE4 at this time and I am looking to contribute.

I am looking to modify the brush painting behavior. Currently it has a smooth/hard falloff based on mouse position and brush size, but I am looking to apply that painting based on the landscape normals. Essentially what ever normals are within the brush will have the layer painted/applied. I have done extensive work with the material editor for landscape auto painting to achieve the low poly style with the built in UE4 terrain as seen below.

I have been digging through the source on github and am asking if this is the correct file I should be looking to edit?


Bump. Thanks in advance.

Direction would be very much appreciated.